2020 Dolcetto, Black Coral

2020 Dolcetto, Black Coral

Savor the medium-bodied elegance of our 2020 Dolcetto, Black Coral. This wine, known for its "little sweet one" characteristics, delivers a dry but smooth finish with a splash of acidity. Its lush flavors of black cherry and prune, combined with aromas of earth, licorice, and chocolate, make it a versatile choice for pairing with prime cuts of meat, pastas, roasted vegetables, or even your favorite chocolates.

Black Coral's balanced profile and refreshing red wine experience make it a standout addition to any wine collection. Perfect for both everyday enjoyment and special occasions, this Dolcetto promises a memorable tasting experience. Order now and indulge in the rich flavors of Black Coral.

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754 mL

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