2022 Petit Verdot

2022 Petit Verdot

Experience the bold and aromatic allure of our 2022 Petit Verdot. This wine is full of dark fruit flavors such as plum, blackberry, and black cherry, creating a rich and satisfying tasting experience. The elegant color, sweet nose, and pleasant palate are a result of not processing the wine with its skins. Notes of sweet fruit, ripe cherry, and hints of floral and herbal flavors make this wine a standout choice.

Petit Verdot is perfect for those who enjoy a bold red wine with depth and complexity. Whether you're pairing it with a meal or enjoying it on its own, this wine promises a delightful experience. Order your bottle of 2022 Petit Verdot today and indulge in the rich flavors and aromas it has to offer.

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756 mL

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