Fellow Navy Diver
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Hard Hat Winery

Established in 2018 by Jim Davenport, Navy Diver and Vern Armstrong, Navy Diver.

 Jim Davenport had been making wine as a hobby for over a decade and had become highly proficient in his ability to produce a wide variety of noteworthy wines.  His upcoming retirement from his career at the time gave rise to the idea of turning his craft from a labor of love into the pursuit of providing a variety of distinguished wines, fitting for everyone from the occasional wine drinker to the true connoisseur.


fellow Navy Diver

In June of 2018 Jim brought Vern Armstrong, a life long friend and fellow Navy diver, together to help form Hard Hat Winery. Combining Jim’s experience as a vintner with Vern created a team that brings a unique and unforgettable wine tasting experience.

Taking Pride in Mastering the art of wine

Local Vineyard-to-Table

Our Vineyard is located in beautiful Walla Walla Washington and our permanent Tasting Room is under construction and will be open soon in Poulsbo, WA for events and daily fun.